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Need money quickly? We got you.

Get instant loans from Kwaba when you need to sort out life emergencies or unexpected expenses. See us as your buddy that always comes through anytime you are in need.

Put your rent to work

Your rent should really work for you and not just your landlord. As a rent saver on Kwaba, you can go about confidently knowing you can access upto 40% to the value of your rent anytime. Now, that’s real value.

We’re here for you

Instant Payment

With one click, your loan is sent instantly to your desired account

Low Interest

We offer you one of the lowest interest rates on the market.

Continuous Returns

Your saved rent will remain untouched and will continue to yield interest even while you have taken an instant loan.


Kwaba emergency fund helps Kwaba rent savers access instant loans without touching their rent.

    Once you are an active saver on Kwaba, you can access emergency funds.

      You have to pay back in 30 days.

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