Let’s help pay your rent

Use Kwaba to top up your rent or request for support from friends and family.

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For every rental situation, think Kwaba

Whether you are looking to renew your rent or pay for a new space, Kwaba will pay for you. Just tell us the landlord or estate agent and we’ll sort you out.

With our partners you can access more money for your rent

If you have digital assets like cryptocurrencies, stocks, savings or investments with any of our partners, we will pay your rent instantly with no delays.

Family & friends support

Easily ask your friends and family to support you with your rent payment. By using Kwaba, your friends and family will see you’re doing a great job at trying to raise your rent. Not to worry, we will put you in a good light.

We’ve got you covered

Rent Insurance

We insure your rent against j​ob loss, permanent disability or death. No need to panic if any of these happens, Kwaba has your back.

Credit Scoring

Improve your credit score when you pay back your rent on time to access better loan offers. We will improve your financial standing

Rent Anything

We pay for all rental properties from houses, shops and offices. As long as you rent a space, we will pay for it.


Your BVN is required to authenticate identity and to protect you against fraudulent activities.

    Kwaba ensures that your rent is paid within 48hours of receiving all your supporting documents

      You can manually upload your bank statement if you have it handy or securely connect your bank account on our app or website via trusted 3rd party platforms via your mobile/internet banking app.

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